Teach One, Reach One by Delivering Veestro's Veggies via Ram

Veestro's Veggies are good for you. They offer the healthiest vegetables around: tomatoes, onions, beets, and a couple others you can't even spell. 
Ram's "On Demand" program gave the small firm a chance to test out its ProMaster City van. And it was exceptional.
It drove like a car. This was not like a 18-wheeler going down the road, making the streets rumble. Problems with overhead clearance are minimal because the the van's roof is relatively low.
But when you get inside, there's plenty of space to spare! Customize it however you please; after all, this is your business. Veestro even had a pull-out shelf for easy delivery.
Parking was a breeze, too, thanks to the Ram's Uconnect system with rearview camera. If you're ready to take the next step with your small business, be sure to pay us a visit at our Ram dealership.
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