The Dodge Challenger--Dominance Incarnate

Few vehicles deliver as much raw, unbridled power and personality as the Dodge Challenger. Since its inception in the 1970s, Dodge Challengers have ruled the streets as ruthlessly brawny pony cars with a soul-shaking exhaust note. The 2018 model year Dodge Challenger, in its sixteen trim levels and variants, ushers in a new generation of vehicles hellbent on outperforming itself in every way. Tossing reservation by the wayside and completely devoting themselves to producing the meanest production drag vehicle possible, Dodge managed to produce not only an exceptional model year of standard trim Challengers, but the instantly legendary SRT Demon variant, marking the pinnacle of the model.


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Unstoppable Performance, Record-Setting Reputation

Due to legal restrictions on production vehicles, Dodge craftily offers a one-dollar "Demon Crate" to transform the top trim SRT Demon into a quarter-mile dominating monster. Fully releasing the power of the 840 horsepower engine nestled inside the commanding body of the Challenger, the Demon Crate's accessories amend the Demon's standard integrations of race-ready technology--such as a transmission brake, and suspension-adjusting driving modes. Setting a plethora of records for production vehicles, the SRT Demon's performance actually resulted in its outright ban by the NHRA. From its euphoric exhaust note and supercharger whine to the unique and race-inspired interior design, the SRT Demon has car fanatics and average drivers alike lusting after this icon of outlandish modern American vehicular design.

Whether purchasing the top-of-the-line SRT Demon, or seeking a more affordable trim level within the 2018 model year of the Dodge Challenger, rest assured you'll be met with a jaw-dropping driving experience. Packing a change of pants for your scheduled test drive is advised.


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Experience The Power of the 2018 Dodge Challenger

To experience the unrelenting 2018 Dodge Challenger yourself, visit Conway Chrysler Dodge Jeep today for a test drive, or speak with one of our expert sales professionals about the incredible features packed within the 2018 Dodge Challenger! Our extensive inventory of 2018 Dodge Challengers delivers a range of trims to ensure you receive precisely the vehicle you desire!

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